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St. John the Evangelist parish is home to a vibrant and diverse population. Our parishioners are a shining example of "sharing a life’s journey and of being in the presence of Christ fully alive.”

About Our Parish


Sundays: 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 Noon

Saturday Evening: No Saturday Evening Mass at this time.

Weekday Mass: Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri at 8:30 a.m.

(Weekday schedule subject to change, i.e. Funerals and School Masses)

Confession: Please call the Parish Office to make an appointment

Adoration: Suspended at this time.

Livestream 10:30 am Sunday Mass at St. Joseph Basilica

Join us every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for Sunday Mass livestreamed with Archbishop Smith. 

During the pandemic Masses are livestreamed on Facebook at "@archedmonton", and on the Archdiocese of Edmonton YouTube channel

Telus generously continues to broadcast the 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mass from St. Joseph's Basilica on Telus Optik TV Channel 877. Please share this information with any seniors you know or people who are not comfortable with the internet.

Star of the North Retreat Centre
3A St. Vital Avenue, St. Albert, AB  T8N 1K1

Registration Contacts: Don and Sharon Marchand, Tel: 780-466-0090

Engaged Encounter http://ceewest.com/edmonton/




Please consider PAD or etransfers to:  SJE.etransfer@caedm.ca 

Please include:

  • Donation amount:
  • Full name, Address and email address.
  • Specific Instructions: General Parish Fund or Maintenance or Together We Serve. 

We are always grateful for your donations. 

Who are St. John's parishioners?

How many people celebrated each of the different 7 sacraments? How many families are active in your parish? Were they donating treasure (money) and/or time (volunteering)? How many families used envelopes and/or donated through other means? How much money is being donated for “Parish Fund” donations? 

These funds pay for the everyday needs of our Church: salaries, power, gas, insurance, maintenance of our over-60-year-old building, and most importantly the celebration of Mass itself. 

How much money is being donated for “Together We Serve? These funds are forwarded to the Archdiocese for disbursement to:

Local Beneficiaries

  • CSS-Catholic Social Services, 
  • Newman Theological College & St. Joseph’s Seminary (supporting our future priest’s educational needs),
  • St. Joseph’s Priests Foundation of Edmonton (ensuring our Priests have a comfortable retirement),
  • St. Joseph’s College Ministry (U of A Campus)  
  • Rebuilding Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples 

Canadian Beneficiaries

  • Diocese of MacKenzie-Fort Smith, 
  • Needs of the Canadian Church,

International Beneficiaries

  • Needs of the Church in the Holy Land (Good Friday),
  • Evangelization of Peoples,  Pontifical Mission Societies
  • Pope’s Pastoral Works,
    The Office of Papal Charities exercises charity to the poor and needy in the Holy Father’s name. Whenever disaster strikes around the world, the Holy See always responds with food, water, medicine, blankets and trained personnel. Be as generous as possible as we never know where or when a need will arise.


Our Parish is a vibrant parish with some Families having two to three generations still able to attend Mass together. Most of our Families bring their children for Baptism. Our Families bring their children here for their First Reconciliation/First Communion/Confirmation Sacraments. Many of our Families have their children returning for Marriage. Our Families bring their loved ones back for their Funerals of Christian Burial. And, most come back to celebrate Easter Holy Week and Christmas. We are asking all who attend SJE to think about how they may help the parish financially. Just $50 per month, which is $600 per year, would help us greatly, but all donations of any size are most appreciated. Remember: there is a tax benefit to all donations, which assists you and assists us.

Another way to contribute to the health and happiness of your Parish is through a donation of time. Do you have a talent or gift that would be very useful for the Parish in the coming months? God gave them that you might share them: we hope you will.

Remember: SJE is not merely our grandparents’ or parents’ Church, it now becomes our Church as well. Your generous donation today guarantees Church that the Church will still be here for you, your children, and grandchildren tomorrow.

Thank you kindly.

Catholic Women's League News

CWL Monthly Newsletters

Add yourself to the Catholic Women's League group on Flocknote, and we'll share links for future livestream meetings. To keep up with the Catholic Women’s League on a Diocesan or National level, check out the: Edmonton Diocesan CWL website and CWL National website.

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