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St. John the Evangelist parish is home to a vibrant and diverse population. Our parishioners are a shining example of "sharing a life’s journey and of being in the presence of Christ fully alive.”

About Our Parish

Mass Times

Sunday: 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m. & 12 Noon

No Saturday evening Mass

Weekdays: Tuesday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.

Sunday Masses: 

If you are registered to our Flocknote, you need to register through Flocknote for Sunday Mass.

If you are not registered to our Flocknote you can then call the office or email the office to register for Mass. At this time we only have space for up to 45 individuals.


Weekday Masses: 

If you are registered to our Flocknote, you need to register through Flocknote for Weekday Mass.

If you are not registered to our Flocknote you can then call the office or email the office to register for Mass. At this time we only have space for up to 45 individuals.

SJE is livestreaming a Sunday Mass every Sunday. Please like us on Facebook to get the notification of what Sunday Mass is being livestreamed.

SJE is livestreaming every Friday morning Mass at 8:30am


Livestream 10:30 am Sunday Mass at St. Joseph Basilica


Join us every Sunday at 10:30 am for Sunday Mass livestreamed with Archbishop Smith.  During the pandemic Masses are livestreamed at:  

grandinmedia.ca, or Facebook at "@archedmonton", and on the Archdiocese of Edmonton YouTube channel

Basilica Sunday Mass 

on Telus Optik TV

Telus has generously offered to continue broadcast the 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mass from St. Joseph's Basilica for the duration of the ban on public celebrations. It will be broadcast on Telus Optik TV Channel 877 (new channel #). Please share this information with any seniors you know or people who are not comfortable with the internet

Star of the North Retreat Centre
3A St. Vital Avenue, St. Albert, AB  T8N 1K1

Registration Contacts:
Don and Sharon Marchand
Tel: 780-466-0090

Engaged Encounter http://ceewest.com/edmonton/

Mass Schedule


9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 Noon

See Notes above.

Saturday Evening

No Saturday Evening Mass at this time.

Weekday Mass

Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri at 8:30 a.m.
(Weekday schedule subject to change, i.e. Funerals and School Masses)

See Notes above.


During Covid please call the Parish Office to make an appointment for Confession.


Suspended at this time.


Masses on Sundays in May

We are now limited to 15 people in attendance at a Mass. It would be a challenge to determine how to make the Sign Up process fair to all Parishioners, given that we were at full capacity, or almost full, at every Mass when we could have 45 people (15% of Fire Code)

But God works in mysterious ways.

We had scheduled First Communion Masses each Sunday this month at 1:30 pm for the 40 children and their families. Now they too cannot gather as planned to celebrate with our new limit. But what we can do is use the regular Mass times to have one or two families celebrate, with a maximum of 15 people in attendance. We are doing this every Sunday in May, which means that other Parishioners cannot attend.

We know it is difficult for you not to receive the Body of Christ as you had hoped, but we also know you understand this sacrament will mean ever so much to these children and their families. Please pray for them, and for your own virtues of hope, love, and faith.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We'll send out a Sign Up for the Parish in late May once we know what we can do for June Masses.


Weekday Masses and Cancellations

The Priest's Retreat is May 18-21, and the week of May 25-28 is a scheduled break.

Fortuitously, these planned breaks coincide with the attendance limits, and will contribute to 'stopping the spike'. 

Weekday morning Masses resume June 1.


Fire Panel Update

Some good news! When we are back to 15% of Fire Code, we will be able to have about 70 people at Mass!  The new electrical upgrade and panel work is complete, and we now just need the monitoring and inspection. That will be done this month, so look forward to June!

To my very fine Parishioners, 

It would be my immense delight to share this greeting with you on Sunday, to exclaim ‘Alleluia!’ together, and to learn of all of your good news in person! While this Triduum remains different from the last which was unusual from what preceded we are moving toward what we desire to celebrate again…  

The Easter Vigil and the Mass of Easter Day become the understanding and celebration that despite any challenges or hardships which may come our way - and this past year has held many - we know how Faith, Hope and Love always prevail. For with Easter each year we marvel at the wonderful mystery of life and life eternal and how we are all called to prepare for this eventual moment and glory of our own Resurrection. Through the families and friends with whom we regularly celebrate we sense and see the reality and sacramentality of God’s world – the beautiful essence of what our efforts provide in a collective gathering, the family we know and therefore cherish as the universal Catholic Church.  

In whatever manner we celebrate this year it will likely be small, humble, and genuine. But as we well know, that would be very similar to the first Disciples. They had Faith in one another, Hope for the future, and Love from God to propel them forward: we are no different as we descend from them. As you celebrate with those in your household, may we remember our Families, our fellow Parishioners, and especially our Faith. In everything we have now experienced, let us all the more cherish what is such a blessing: God’s Word, Christ’s Sacraments, and His Catholic Church. May we be reminded of this whenever we come to St. John the Evangelist as most valued members of God’s family. A Blessed Easter Sunday and Season to you all.  

Very sincerely and joyfully yours in Christ,
 Fr. Dean.   





Please consider PAD or etransfers

Donation amount;
Full name, Address and email address.

Specific Instructions:
General Parish Fund, or Palm Sunday (Share Lent), or
Good Friday (Collection for the Holy Land).
As we were not able to gather for Holy Week in 2020 we were not able to request and or receive your generous donations for Share Lent and Good Friday.  We are always grateful for your donations. 

Who are St. John's parishioners?

At this time every year your parish sends information to the Archdiocese about the previous year:

 How many people celebrated each of the different 7 sacraments? How many families are active in your parish? Were they donating treasure (money) and/or time (volunteering)? How many families used envelopes and/or donated through other means? How much money is being donated for “Parish Fund” donations? 

These funds pay for the everyday needs of our Church: salaries, power, gas, insurance, maintenance of our over-60-year-old building, and most importantly the celebration of Mass itself. How much money is being donated for “Together We Serve? These funds are forwarded to the Archdiocese for disbursement to:

  • CSS-Catholic Social Services, 
  • Development & Peace (Share Lent on Passion Sunday), 
  • Pope’s Pastoral Works (Good Friday),
  • Diocese of MacKenzie-Fort Smith, 
  • Evangelization of Peoples, 
  • Needs of the Canadian Church,
  • Newman Theological College & St. Joseph’s Seminary (supporting our future priest’s educational needs),
  • St. Joseph’s Priests Foundation of Edmonton (ensuring our Priests have a comfortable retirement),
  • St. Joseph’s College Ministry (U of A Campus)  

Last year we were not able to celebrate the Holy Week Masses (Passion Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday) or any other Masses with you until June. From June until December 2020 we were able to have up to 70 people attending Mass. Due to current restrictions, we are only able to have up to 45 (which includes 9 volunteers in those numbers, to whom we are very grateful).

Holy Week and Christmas Masses are the most attended Masses within our Church. Before COVID our capacity in the Church and Choir Loft was over 600 people. This means in 2020 a large portion of our financial needs were missing, as they were not brought to the Church through these Masses. This year, 2021, would you consider donating through e-transfers or signing up for Pre-Authorized Donations to bring stability to our financial condition?

Our Parish is a vibrant parish with some Families having two to three generations still able to attend Mass together. Most of our Families bring their children for Baptism. Our Families bring their children here for their First Reconciliation/First Communion/Confirmation Sacraments. Many of our Families have their children returning for Marriage. Our Families bring their loved ones back for their Funerals of Christian Burial. And, most come back to celebrate Easter Holy Week and Christmas. We are asking all who attend SJE to think about how they may help the parish financially. Just $50 per month, which is $600 per year, would help us greatly, but all donations of any size are most appreciated. Remember: there is a tax benefit to all donations, which assists you and assists us.

Another way to contribute to the health and happiness of your Parish is through a donation of time. Do you have a talent or gift that would be very useful for the Parish in the coming months? God gave them that you might share them: we hope you will.

Remember: SJE is not merely our grandparents’ or parents’ Church, it now becomes our Church as well. Your generous donation today guarantees Church that the Church will still be here for you, your children, and grandchildren tomorrow.

Thank you kindly.

With Church attendance restricted, parishes struggle to manage on reduced revenues.

Fire Code and Capacity at Mass

Some good news and some be-patient news: We can have a few more people at Mass! 

This current increase will be seen in the Sign Ups for February Masses. We ask that our Parishioners sign up for Mass through Flocknote. We have allowed a few spaces for Parishioners unable to use Flocknote and for the team of 8-9 Hospitality Volunteers. 

And we have contracted our electrical panel upgrade. (This a requirement along with external monitoring to increase our overall attendance when the Gov't of Alberta/AHS allows the return to 30% of Fire Code capacity.) Of course that still involves physical distancing and mask wearing, but we will eventually be back to pre-Dec.13 numbers. Your patience and support are appreciated.

Catholic Women's League News

Add yourself to the Catholic Women's League group on Flocknote, and we'll share links for future livestream meetings.

To keep up with the Catholic Women’s League on a Diocesan or National level, check out the: Edmonton Diocesan CWL website and CWL National website.


We need 9 Volunteers for each Mass:

  • Safety Coordinator (1): Coordinate, communicate!
  • Point of Entry (2): Health questions, Registration.
  • Ushers (2): Seating form 2 m distancing.
  • Cleaners (4): Wash and disinfect the pews.

The only way that we can continue to celebrate Mass is because of these dedicated and generous Volunteers. We need everyone to discern how they can help. Please contact the Church office to Volunteer.

Parish Pictorial Directory Project

Thank you for your patience as we finish up the work on our Parish directory. We will notify our parishioners who participated in the Directory when we send the Final proof to the printers. Then we will notify you when you can come and pick up the Directories.

Grandin Media

We aim to inform and engage readers through the telling of inspiring stories of Catholic life in today’s world, and particularly in central and northern Alberta. Grandin Media also covers news of all kinds, offering a unique Catholic perspective on stories that matter.

Grandin Media features:

  • A digital news portal, including photos and video, produced by professional journalists and updated daily
  • Commentary and reflections by key contributors such as Archbishop Richard Smith
  • Social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).
  • A weekly digital newsletter, highlighting the week’s top Catholic stories from Alberta, Canada and the World at a glance.

In the largest archdiocese on the Canadian Prairies, we have great stories to tell. Our parishes, pastors and community of faith are the core of those stores. And Grandin Media aims to tell them well.

To receive our weekly updates in your inbox, visit our subscription page. If you know of a good story you’d like to see covered, contact Andrew Ehrkamp, News Editor, or call 780-392-2441.

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Treaty Land Acknowledgments in Churches and at Liturgical Events
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Acknowledging God as giver of the gift is in itself an act of praise. Therefore, where it is deemed appropriate to offer a treaty land acknowledgment at an event held in a Catholic church or at a liturgical event hosted in a Catholic institution, the following formulation is to be used:

“We acknowledge that Treaty territory, on which we stand, is the ancestral traditional land of the Indigenous peoples, and is common home to everyone in virtue of God, our Creator’s, gracious gift.”

De Souza: Lets set record straight on papal apologies
Wednesday, June 16, 2021Somehow a story about hundreds of unmarked graves at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School became a story about what Pope Francis should do, not a story about the lives lost or why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau only rushed to provide money for documenting such graves when Kamloops was in the headlines, five years after he first promised to do so.
VIDEO: The Value of Work - Year of St. Joseph Reflection w/ Dcn. Steven Defer
Wednesday, June 16, 2021In this video, Deacon Steven Defer uses fishing as a way to reflect on the Catholic perspective on the value of work, the dignity of workers, and our attitude to our own work, and the beauty that work can give us and those we serve. 
June 20 at 10:30 a.m. – 12th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME, from St. Joseph Basilica
Sunday, June 13, 2021

Livestreamed Masses are now being hosted at https://grandinmedia.ca/livestream/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pg/archedmonton/videos/

Indigenous delegation to Vatican could come by end of the year
Thursday, June 10, 2021

Canada’s Catholic bishops remain committed to moving forward with a delegation of Indigenous people to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis by the end of this year.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Residential Schools – June 2021
Tuesday, June 8, 2021

This FAQ is intended to provide some context and address some frequently asked questions about this important issue. We must all join in the collective efforts on the path to healing and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

Pope prays for Indigenous children who died in residential schools
Tuesday, June 8, 2021

After his Angelus address June 6, Pope Francis led hundreds of pilgrims and visitors in St. Peter’s Square in a moment of silent prayer for the Indigenous children who died in Canadian residential schools and for their grieving families.

Indigenous rights on the mind of Vatican’s new representative to Canada
Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Pope Francis’ new ambassador to Canada has often defended the rights of Indigenous peoples around the world and earlier this year noted they were being hard hit by the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Researcher: ‘Mass grave’ narrative misses need for answers
Monday, June 7, 2021

Anthropologist Dr. Scott Hamilton said in an interview that he believes his study provides important detail and context for a public grappling with the implications of the Kamloops news. Hamilton said the “mass grave” description “misses the point with the residential-school story,” a story that unfolded over more than a century and in which appalling conditions led to high death rates due to disease, the most devastating of which was tuberculosis.

Deceased students were often buried in simple graveyards near the schools because federal authorities provided no funding to send the bodies home or to conduct proper burials.

The result, Hamilton told The B.C. Catholic, was that the children were interred in de facto “pauper’s graves” with simple wooden crosses that have deteriorated and disappeared over the decades.

FULL INTERVIEW: Chief Wilton "Willie" Littlechild with Archbishop Smith on reconciliation
Monday, June 7, 2021

Exclusive interview with Chief Wilton "Willie" Littlechild and Archbishop Richard Smith on reconciliation.

Chief Littlechild, former Grand Chief of the Confederacy of Treaty 6 First Nations, attended 3 different residential schools over a span of 14 years. 

He was also a commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a member of the 1977 Indigenous delegation to the United Nations, and worked on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

He is a recipient of the Order of Canada, Alberta Order of Excellence, and Queens Counsel.