What is good stewardship?

“As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” (Peter 4:10)

The word “stewardship” refers to the Catholic approach to the gifts that God has bestowed upon us. Stewardship is living out a commitment to be Christ-centered rather than self-centered. Profound gratitude, justice and love become the fundamental motives for giving back to God. Everything that God has given to us is intended to serve the divine plan. Therefore, our life is to be lived in gratitude toward God. In a variety of ways, we as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, share our time, talent and treasure to build up the church and make our world a better place. 

The Church needs you and God has chosen you to go out into all the world. Every Christian is to take an active part in the life of the Church and to share the gifts of salvation.

What do our volunteers do?

Volunteers are an essential part of the parish and we greatly appreciate the efforts that they put into the front and back areas of the church, strengthening the faith community at St. John’s.

To learn more about a specific ministry, click on its link below:

Altar Servers

By assisting the adult servers and the presider, altar servers provide an important leadership role for the entire assembly. For children who are in grade three and older and who have made their First Communion, the boys and girls who fulfill this ministry add a special touch of dignity to our parish worship.

Adult Servers

Seeking to ensure that every liturgy celebrated at our parish is characterized by reverence, graciousness, and a smooth unfolding of the sacred action, adult servers assist both the assembly and the presider by serving at the Lord’s Table and by distributing Holy Communion. This ministry, open to all women and men sixteen years of age and older, is not restricted to the Sunday liturgy, but can extend to include all of the other liturgical gatherings of God’s People. There is a need, for example, for servers to assist at funeral liturgies.


The Word of God proclaimed at every liturgy is essential, for in it God speaks to His people. Those who undertake this ministry not only proclaim the readings from the Old and New Testaments when the assembly gathers, they have the privilege of praying with the Word in preparation for the day when they will share it.

Hospitality (Greeters and Ushers)

St. John the Evangelist Parish is known as a warm, gracious and welcoming community. Visitors often remark about how “at home” they feel when joining us for liturgy, whether that be on a Sunday morning, or a celebration of Christian marriage, a funeral, a baptism or weekday Eucharist. The ministry of hospitality has a more important role than is often imagined! By greeting everyone warmly, pointing the way to the restrooms, helping to get people seated, or in taking up the collection, those in this ministry set the tone for all that happens afterward.


Music is a vital component of our worship! Our parish prides itself in a strong, vibrant music ministry. Adults and youth can participate in a variety of ways: the Parish Choirs not only provides musical leadership, it is also a “community within a community”. While our parish enjoys fine accompaniment from the organ, piano and guitar, there is room for every instrument. If God gave you the gift of music, He can use it!

There are a variety of groups of varying size and style who provide music ministry for our liturgies. If you enjoy singing or playing an instrument, you are welcome to join one of our music groups. Please contact the parish office.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Of the most profound moments in the Liturgy of the Eucharist the People of God approach the Lord’s Table in order to receive His Body and Blood. Their “Amen” is a powerful declaration of faith in what God is doing: giving us Himself and making for Himself a Body in the world. Those who share the Body and Blood of Christ during the Eucharist are the privileged witnesses to the expressed faith of the Lord’s disciples.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

The Children’s Liturgy will run every first and third Sunday, 10:30 am, October through June 

It is sometimes difficult for children who are small to understand the Word of God as it is proclaimed on Sunday. The Children’s Liturgy of the Word takes the readings the assembly will hear and “translates” them so that they can understand and respond to the Father’s creation and Jesus’ message of love. The children and their leaders are called forward, blessed and gather together in the lower hall where they will celebrate the gospel reading, homily, creed and intercessions. Those who assist the children work with resources especially prepared so that the parallel between what happens with the children and the rest of the assembly is carefully preserved. After the Liturgy, they will rejoin the assembly during the presentation of the gifts.

Parents are welcome to join their children, and help is always appreciated, especially when there are large groups. You, as parents, are especially welcome to be involved in this Ministry – new leaders are always welcome! Liturgical resources are provided, and you will be trained and supported. Please contact the parish office for more information, or speak to the leaders after Mass.

Caring Ministry

The Caring Ministry visits members of the parish who are ill or confined to their homes or hospital beds. By extending kindness, friendship, a listening ear, bringing Holy Communion, or offering a prayer, the Caring Ministry ensures that the bond of community is maintained even when presence in person is impossible. We have two assisted living homes in our Parish: Canterbury Court/Manor and McQueen Lodge. Every Sunday, the Eucharist is celebrated with them in such a way to ensure that they know that they are also an important part of our parish family. As well, our pastors celebrate Mass at Canterbury Court/Manor (First Friday), and McQueen Lodge (Second Thursday).

If you would like to help with this vital ministry please call the parish office for more information.

Arts and Environment

Approaching the church up the sidewalk, walking into the gathering area and finally entering the worship space itself, all subtly prepare us for what is about to take place. Whether we are greeted by bales and pumpkins, by pine branches and red bows, or by pussy willows and lilies, something happens within us, raising our expectations and lifting our spirits. Those who work in this ministry exercise creativity, skill and craft in preparing something special within which we meet our God.

Sacramental Preparation

Working closely with parents, their children and the schools in our area, we are eager to ensure that parents feel comfortable in helping their children as they journey into a mature relationship with the faith community. A series of classes and retreats for the children has been developed so as they draw closer to First Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation they can be properly prepared. Help is needed to put those sessions on.


St. John the Evangelist Parish has plenty of young people who make a wonderful and lively addition to our parish family! While our efforts and meeting the needs of our teenaged parishioners has met with some success, there is always the desire to do even more! Not only are we wanting to meet with the teens and young adults, we would really like to meet some adults who could give us encouragement, guidance and assistance with their activities.

If you would like to help us out with this Ministry please call the Parish Office.

Collection Counters

Teams have been formed to count the weekly collection. Working on a rotating basis, they meet to prepare the weekly deposit. The time commitment is typically in the range of an hour or two.


Like those who serve by creating a thoughtfully appointed place for worship, these people are “behind the scenes.” They are the ones who ensure that linens are laundered, vestments are cleaned, and vessels are kept in good repair. They make sure that supplies of bread, wine, candles and incense are on hand.