Fr. Dean and the Sacraments

At St. John the Evangelist, we are happy to be able to celebrate all the different stages of you and your families life in Christ. We have excellent preparation programs for the Sacraments. Below is information about how to begin preparing for the Sacraments.

The Archdiocese of Edmonton on the Sacraments

What are the sacraments?

The seven sacraments were instituted by Jesus to give grace to mankind.

The term “sacrament” is best defined as “an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace”. When we think about the definition, we break it into three parts:

  1. An outward sign: Because we are humans, the Lord uses material symbols that we humans can understand and/or perceive. These are the “things” we use (water and oil, words, and gestures) to confer a sacrament.
  2. Instituted by Christ: Jesus ‘created’ the seven sacraments by His actions during His life until death on the cross. When He ascended into heaven, that was the end to the creating of sacraments. We are not Jesus, so we can not create new sacraments.
  3. To give grace: the essential purpose of every sacrament is to give grace.

The sacraments are divided into three groups:

Please call the parish to pre-register for 2024 – 2025 sacramental preparation classes.

Do you have a child ready to receive these sacraments?

Preparing for First Reconciliation, and then First Eucharist, takes place when children are about seven years old and in Grade 2, or later. Preparing for Confirmation takes place when children are about 11 or 12 years old and in Grade 6, or later. It is never too late to prepare for and receive these sacraments.

Our parish will start preparation programs for these sacraments in the fall. Please call or email the parish office for you and your child to register. Your child’s Baptismal certificate will be needed, and a registration fee will help cover the costs of the programs.

The dates for the preparation sessions will be set by the end of June. A parent meeting for Reconciliation and Eucharist preparation will be held before sessions begin in October. A separate parent meeting for Confirmation will be held later.

Baptism for Older Children

Is your older child asking about Baptism? We can prepare your child for Baptism at any age. Please contact our Pastoral Assistant, Sophie, through email or phone for more information.