Baptism preparation at St. John’s

Your baby’s baptism is a time for celebration and joy. And, naturally, you want the best for your baby. We hope to help plan and prepare for their baptism in the best possible way. Some people think of baptism simply as something else to “get done”. They speak of baptism as having the baby “done”. That’s unfortunate, as baptism is the birth into the Christian Community and is in every way as solemn and important as birth itself. It’s an event that needs to be prepared for.

Your most important preparation is to look at your own faith. Your baby will be born with your features and will pick up your mannerisms. As he or she gets older, your child will grow up, too, with your faith. The very fact that you have asked to have your baby baptized is a sure sign that you recognize the importance of God in your life. From the earliest days, children too young to answer for themselves have been baptized, usually as they accompanied their parents into the church, for the Church recognizes the desire of Christian parents to share the life of Christ with their children. Jesus Christ, like you, wants the best for your child. Your efforts will not only help your baby grow up in the love of God, they will also help you to grow. As you teach your child to pray, you yourself will deepen your prayer; as you teach your child to appreciate the Mass, your own faith will be enriched. Your baby’s baptism is only the beginning of a new life in which you will grow closer to one another in the family and close to God. The Church welcomes your child into its midst with love and prayers for the future peace and happiness of your family in years ahead.

Baptism Preparation is a prerequisite for all parents seeking to baptize their children. Please contact the parish office at (780) 452-3988 for the Baptism Preparation Schedule. There are no Baptisms during the Lenten season.

You must contact the parish before you plan your child’s Baptism. Please allow at least two months notice. 

What forms do you need?
  • A copy of the child’s Birth Certificate is required with both parent’s names listed.
  • The consent form to baptize the child must be signed by both parents (the birth mother and birth father or the legally adoptive mother and legally adoptive father).
  • A copy of the parents’ Baptism Certificates are required.
  • Godparents are required to be Confirmed Catholic.

Godparents / Sponsors

  • One Godparent, male or female, is sufficient, but there may be two, one of each gender.
  • A Godparent must be 16 years of age, have received the three Catholic Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, the Eucharist, and Confirmation – and actively practice their faith.
  • A baptized person who belongs to another Christian denomination (eg. Anglican, Lutheran, United Church, etc.) may be admitted as long as there is one Confirmed, Catholic Godparent. This person is not to be called a Godparent, but is considered a witness to the Baptism.
  • The Godparent and witness should not be of the same gender.
  • A non-baptized person may not serve as either a Godparent or a witness to baptism.

Questions Frequently Asked by Godparents

What is the role of a Godparent/Sponsor?

Godparents fulfill several roles:

  • They are the official representatives of the Christian community who “sponsor” the child for initiation into the Church. Together with the parents, they present the child for Baptism.
  • They act as Catholic role models for the child whom they sponsor.
  • They are to assist the parents in the Christian up-bringing of the child.
Can anyone be a Godparent?

Because of the important roles which the Godparents/Sponsors fill, the Church requires that they meet certain criteria. A Godparent must be 16 years of age, have received the three Catholic Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, the Eucharist, and Confirmation – and actively practice their faith. A Godparent is one who can truthfully answer the question put to them in the Baptism ritual: “Are you ready to help these parents in their duty as Christian mothers and fathers?”

Can a non-Baptized person be a Godparent?

No – because it is not possible for a non-baptized person to be a Christian role model, to help in the Christian up-bringing of the child, or to make the Christian profession of faith required of Godparents.