The sacrament of Confirmation completes initiation into the Christian faith; Baptism is sealed in Confirmation. 
The Sunday Eucharist renews both of these sacraments throughout one’s life.

Confirmation unites us more closely to Jesus through receiving the Holy Spirit in this sacrament. We continue on our life-long faith journey strengthened by the gifts of the Spirit, with the spiritual grace necessary to live the Christian life. 

Confirmation Preparation Classes 2024 – 2025

Do you have a child ready to receive the sacrament of Confirmation? Our parish will start preparation programs in late fall. Please call or email the office by November 1, 2024 for you and your child to pre-register. Your child’s Baptismal certificate will be needed, and a registration fee will help cover the costs of the programs. Confirmation candidates can prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist at the same time as Confirmation – it is never too late to prepare for and receive these sacraments too!

Family Orientation sessions for Confirmation start during the week of November 3, 2024. Three Preparation sessions for candidates on Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons are required components along with participation in Liturgical Ministries, prayer and social justice projects, and a Retreat. Confirmation Mass is scheduled for Saturday, April 5 at 4 pm. The full schedule will be shared in September through Flocknote.